January 2020 Galaxy Release (v 20.01)

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Enhanced workflow functionality

Workflows can now make use of optional datasets and optional parameters, optional parameter default values and dataset inputs can now be restricted to user-defined datatypes. The workflow editor and execution engine have been enhanced to allow defining options to choose from, and these options can be connected to compatible text, integer, float, color and select tool parameters for more flexible and universally re-usable workflows (Pull Request 9086).

Major update to container and dependency management interface

The manage dependencies interface has been ported to vue.js and displays additional information about installed, missing and available dependencies and conveniently summarizes dependency status for all installed tools. Additionally the user interface now displays whether a Biocontainers image is available at quay.io (Pull Request 8741).

Extended job metadata collection

Creating Job metadata has been reworked so that the dataset transfer that occurs after a Galaxy job can be initiated by the compute node that runs a Galaxy job. Previously the transfer was often done by Galaxy. Offloading this task to the compute node should allow handling many more jobs in parallel. This work will also make jobs running on remote compute resources much more efficient if the remote resources can write to Galaxy’s object store. To benefit from this new metadata setting Galaxy needs to use object stores that use uuids for storing datasets and set the metadata_strategy configuration value to extended. This feature is in beta testing, but work is ongoing to mix existing object store configuration and choose the most efficient way of transfering datasets automatically (Pull Request 8930 ).

Also check out the 20.01 user release notes

Get Galaxy

The code lives at GitHub and you should have Git to obtain it.

To get a new Galaxy repository run:
$ git clone -b release_20.01 https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy.git
To update an existing Galaxy repository run:
$ git fetch origin && git checkout release_20.01 && git pull --ff-only origin release_20.01

See the community hub for additional details regarding the source code locations.

Updates to Tools and Converters in the Galaxy distribution

Many tools and Converters have been updated in the 20.01 release. As a consequence deployers need to install dependencies for these in the Admin Menu -> Manage Dependencies.

Deprecation Notice

With the release of Galaxy 20.01 we strongly encourage all deployers to run Galaxy under Python 3. For instructions on how to transition to Python 3 please see here.

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