July 2016 Galaxy Release (v 16.07)

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Shift of Galaxy tool dependencies to Conda

Galaxy admins obtained the ability to install Galaxy tool’s dependencies using the Conda package manager. This is a Beta feature and we encourage interested deployers to opt-in by modifying configuration. Documentation that explains this switch and answers FAQ is available.

Dynamic tool destinations

Our friends from Canada National Microbiology Laboratory enhanced Galaxy with feature that allows dynamic mapping of tools to destinations based on finer grained admin-specified rules. Please see the wiki. Implemented in PR #2579

Galaxy chat

Admins can now plug in the included communication server to enable users of their instance to use real-time chat within the Galaxy interface. Implemented in PR #2515


New Galaxy repository
$ git clone -b release_16.07 https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy.git
Update of existing Galaxy repository
$ git checkout release_16.07 && git pull --ff-only origin release_16.07

See our wiki for additional details regarding the source code locations.

Deprecation Notices

The following URLs will be removed and should be considered deprecated:
  • <galaxy>\history\as_xml

  • <galaxy>\history\list_as_xml

Release Notes

Highlighted Enhancements



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