Source code for galaxy.web.framework.middleware.statsd

Middleware for sending request statistics to statsd.

import time

from galaxy.model.orm.engine_factory import QUERY_COUNT_LOCAL
from galaxy.web.statsd_client import GalaxyStatsdClient

[docs]class StatsdMiddleware: """ This middleware will log request durations to the configured statsd instance. """
[docs] def __init__(self, application, statsd_host, statsd_port, statsd_prefix, statsd_influxdb, statsd_mock_calls): self.application = application self.galaxy_stasd_client = GalaxyStatsdClient( statsd_host, statsd_port, statsd_prefix, statsd_influxdb, statsd_mock_calls, )
def __call__(self, environ, start_response): start_time = time.time() req = self.application(environ, start_response) dt = int((time.time() - start_time) * 1000) page = environ.get("controller_action_key", None) or environ.get("PATH_INFO", "NOPATH").strip("/").replace( "/", "." ) self.galaxy_stasd_client.timing(page, dt) try: times = QUERY_COUNT_LOCAL.times self.galaxy_stasd_client.timing(f"sql.{page}", sum(times) * 1000.0) self.galaxy_stasd_client.incr(f"sqlqueries.{page}", len(times)) except AttributeError: # Not logging query counts, skip pass return req