Source code for galaxy.web.framework

Galaxy web application framework

from routes import request_config

from . import base

DEPRECATED_URL_ATTRIBUTE_MESSAGE = "*deprecated attribute, URL not filled in by server*"

[docs]def handle_url_for(*args, **kwargs) -> str: """Tries to resolve the URL using the `routes` module. This only works in a WSGI app so a deprecation message is returned when running an ASGI app. """ try: return base.routes.url_for(*args, **kwargs) except AttributeError: return DEPRECATED_URL_ATTRIBUTE_MESSAGE
[docs]def legacy_url_for(mapper, *args, **kwargs) -> str: """ Re-establishes the mapper for legacy WSGI routes. """ rc = request_config() environ = kwargs.pop("environ", None) rc.mapper = mapper if environ: rc.environ = environ if hasattr(rc, "using_request_local"): rc.request_local = lambda: rc rc = request_config() return base.routes.url_for(*args, **kwargs)
url_for = handle_url_for