Source code for galaxy.web.framework.helpers.grids

import logging
from typing import (

from markupsafe import escape

from galaxy.util import (

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class GridColumn:
[docs] def __init__( self, label, key=None, model_class=None, method=None, format=None, escape=True, ): """Create a grid column.""" self.label = label self.key = key self.model_class = model_class self.method = method self.format = format self.escape = escape
[docs] def get_value(self, trans, grid, item): if self.method: value = getattr(grid, self.method)(trans, item) elif self.key and hasattr(item, self.key): value = getattr(item, self.key) else: value = None if self.format: value = self.format(value) if self.escape: return escape(unicodify(value)) else: return value
[docs] def sort(self, trans, query, ascending, column_name=None): """Sort query using this column.""" if column_name is None: column_name = self.key column = getattr(self.model_class, column_name) if column is None: column = self.model_class.__table__.c.get(column_name) if ascending: query = query.order_by(column.asc()) else: query = query.order_by(column.desc()) return query
[docs]class GridData: """ Specifies the content a grid (data table). """ model_class: Optional[type] = None columns: List[GridColumn] = [] default_limit: int = 1000
[docs] def __init__(self): # If a column does not have a model class, set the column's model class # to be the grid's model class. for column in self.columns: if not column.model_class: column.model_class = self.model_class
def __call__(self, trans, **kwargs): limit = kwargs.get("limit", self.default_limit) offset = kwargs.get("offset", 0) # Build initial query query = trans.sa_session.query(self.model_class) query = self.apply_query_filter(query, **kwargs) # Process sort arguments. sort_by = kwargs.get("sort_by", self.default_sort_key) sort_desc = string_as_bool(kwargs.get("sort_desc", True)) for column in self.columns: if column.key == sort_by: query = column.sort(trans, query, not sort_desc, column_name=sort_by) break # Process limit and offset. rows_total = query.count() query = query.limit(limit).offset(offset) # Populate and return response grid_config = { "rows": [], "rows_total": rows_total, } for row in query: row_dict = { "id":, } for column in self.columns: value = column.get_value(trans, self, row) row_dict[column.key] = value grid_config["rows"].append(row_dict) return grid_config