Source code for galaxy.model.orm.util

from sqlalchemy import inspect

[docs]def add_object_to_object_session(object, object_with_session): """ Explicitly add object to the session. Addresses SQLAlchemy 2.0 compatibility issue: This function preserves SQLAlchemy's pre-2.0 logic and should be used when: 1. foo and bar are model instances, that are associated (via SQLAlchemy's relationship), AND 2. bar is assigned to foo's bar relationship (e.g. = bar), AND 3. bar is in a session and foo is not, AND 4. foo is implicitly added to bar's session upon assignment(2), as indicated by a RemovedIn20Warning specifying that the '"foo" object is being merged into a Session along the backref cascade path...' """ if object_with_session: session = get_object_session(object_with_session) if session: add_object_to_session(object, session)
[docs]def add_object_to_session(object, session): """Explicitly add object to the session.""" if session and object: session.add(object)
[docs]def get_object_session(object): if object: return inspect(object).session