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tool_shed.webapp package

The Galaxy Tool Shed application.

tool_shed.webapp.url_for(*args, **kwargs) str

Tries to resolve the URL using the routes module.

This only works in a WSGI app so a deprecation message is returned when running an ASGI app.


Decorator: mark a function as ‘exposed’ and thus web accessible


tool_shed.webapp.app module

class tool_shed.webapp.app.UniverseApplication(**kwd)[source]

Bases: BasicSharedApp, SentryClientMixin, HaltableContainer

Encapsulates the state of a Universe application

__init__(**kwd) None[source]

container – Optional container if provided the existing definitions will be copied

:param log_undefined_deps indicates if a log message should be emmited when an undefined dep is loaded

application_stack: ApplicationStack
model: SharedModelMapping
security: IdEncodingHelper
auth_manager: AuthManager
security_agent: Any
quota_agent: QuotaAgent
toolbox: Any

tool_shed.webapp.buildapp module

Provides factory methods to assemble the Galaxy web application

class tool_shed.webapp.buildapp.CommunityWebApplication(galaxy_app, session_cookie='galaxysession', name=None)[source]

Bases: WebApplication

tool_shed.webapp.buildapp.add_ui_controllers(webapp, app)[source]

Search for controllers in the ‘galaxy.webapps.controllers’ module and add them to the webapp.

tool_shed.webapp.buildapp.app_factory(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Return a wsgi application serving the root object

tool_shed.webapp.buildapp.app_pair(global_conf, load_app_kwds=None, **kwargs)[source]

Return a wsgi application serving the root object

tool_shed.webapp.buildapp.wrap_in_middleware(app, global_conf, application_stack, **local_conf)[source]

Based on the configuration wrap app in a set of common and useful middleware.

tool_shed.webapp.config module

Universe configuration builder.

class tool_shed.webapp.config.ToolShedAppConfiguration(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseAppConfiguration, CommonConfigurationMixin

default_config_file_name = 'tool_shed.yml'
add_sample_file_to_defaults: Set[str] = {'datatypes_config_file'}
property shed_tool_data_path
object_store_store_by: str

alias of ToolShedAppConfiguration