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Source code for tool_shed.util.web_util

from markupsafe import escape as raw_escape

ALLOWED_ELEMENTS = ["<b>", "</b>", "<br/>"]
ALLOWED_MAP = {x: raw_escape(x) for x in ALLOWED_ELEMENTS}

[docs]def escape(string): """A tool shed variant of markupsafe.escape that allows a select few HTML elements that are repeatedly used in messages created deep in the toolshed components. Ideally abstract things would be produced in these components and messages in the views or client side - this is what should be worked toward - but for now - we have this hack. >>> assert escape(u"A <b>cómplǐcḁtëd strĩñg</b>") == u'A <b>cómplǐcḁtëd strĩñg</b>' """ escaped = str(raw_escape(string)) # Unescape few selected tags. for key, value in ALLOWED_MAP.items(): escaped = escaped.replace(value, key) return escaped