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Source code for galaxy.files.unittest_utils

import os
import tempfile
from typing import Tuple

from galaxy.files import (
from galaxy.files.plugins import FileSourcePluginsConfig

[docs]class TestConfiguredFileSources(ConfiguredFileSources):
[docs] def __init__(self, file_sources_config: FileSourcePluginsConfig, conf_dict: dict, test_root: str): super().__init__(file_sources_config, ConfiguredFileSourcesConf(conf_dict=conf_dict)) self.test_root = test_root
[docs]class TestPosixConfiguredFileSources(TestConfiguredFileSources): """A posix file source at test1 rooted on supplied root."""
[docs] def __init__(self, root: str): plugin = { "type": "posix", "root": root, } file_sources_config = FileSourcePluginsConfig({}) super().__init__(file_sources_config, {"test1": plugin}, root)
[docs]def setup_root(): tmp = os.path.realpath(tempfile.mkdtemp()) root = os.path.join(tmp, "root") os.mkdir(root) return tmp, root
[docs]def write_file_fixtures(tmp: str, root: str) -> Tuple[str, str]: if not os.path.exists(root): os.mkdir(root) os.symlink(os.path.join(tmp, "b"), os.path.join(root, "unsafe")) with open(os.path.join(root, "a"), "w") as f: f.write("a\n") with open(os.path.join(tmp, "b"), "w") as f: f.write("b\n") subdir1 = os.path.join(root, "subdir1") os.mkdir(subdir1) with open(os.path.join(subdir1, "c"), "w") as f: f.write("c\n") subdir2 = os.path.join(subdir1, "subdir2") os.mkdir(subdir2) with open(os.path.join(subdir2, "d"), "w") as f: f.write("d\n") os.symlink(subdir1, os.path.join(root, "unsafe_dir")) return tmp, root