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Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.controllers.admin_toolshed

import json
import logging
import os
from functools import wraps

from galaxy import (
from galaxy.exceptions import ConfigDoesNotAllowException
from galaxy.model.base import transaction
from galaxy.tool_shed.util import dependency_display
from galaxy.tool_shed.util.repository_util import (
from galaxy.util import unicodify
from galaxy.util.tool_shed import common_util
from .admin import AdminGalaxy

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def legacy_tool_shed_endpoint(func): # admin only and only available if running test cases. @wraps(func) def wrapper(trans, *args, **kwargs): if not trans.app.config.config_dict.get("running_functional_tests", False): raise ConfigDoesNotAllowException("Legacy tool shed endpoint only available during testing.") return func(trans, *args, **kwargs) return wrapper
[docs]class AdminToolshed(AdminGalaxy):
[docs] @web.json @web.require_admin @legacy_tool_shed_endpoint def activate_repository(self, trans, **kwd): """Activate a repository that was deactivated but not uninstalled.""" return self._activate_repository(trans, **kwd)
def _activate_repository(self, trans, **kwd): repository_id = kwd["id"] repository = get_installed_tool_shed_repository(trans.app, repository_id) try: trans.app.installed_repository_manager.activate_repository(repository) except Exception as e: error_message = f"Error activating repository {repository.name}: {unicodify(e)}" log.exception(error_message) return self._manage_repository_json(trans, id=repository_id)
[docs] @web.expose @web.require_admin @legacy_tool_shed_endpoint def restore_repository(self, trans, **kwd): repository_id = kwd["id"] repository = get_installed_tool_shed_repository(trans.app, repository_id) if repository.uninstalled: raise Exception("Cannot restore uninstalled repositories, just re-install.") else: return self._activate_repository(trans, **kwd)
[docs] @web.expose def display_image_in_repository(self, trans, **kwd): """ Open an image file that is contained in an installed tool shed repository or that is referenced by a URL for display. The image can be defined in either a README.rst file contained in the repository or the help section of a Galaxy tool config that is contained in the repository. The following image definitions are all supported. The former $PATH_TO_IMAGES is no longer required, and is now ignored. .. image:: https://raw.github.com/galaxy/some_image.png .. image:: $PATH_TO_IMAGES/some_image.png .. image:: /static/images/some_image.gif .. image:: some_image.jpg .. image:: /deep/some_image.png """ repository_id = kwd.get("repository_id", None) relative_path_to_image_file = kwd.get("image_file", None) if repository_id and relative_path_to_image_file: repository = get_tool_shed_repository_by_id(trans.app, repository_id) if repository: repo_files_dir = repository.repo_files_directory(trans.app) # The following line sometimes returns None. TODO: Figure out why. path_to_file = get_absolute_path_to_file_in_repository(repo_files_dir, relative_path_to_image_file) if path_to_file and os.path.exists(path_to_file): file_name = os.path.basename(relative_path_to_image_file) try: extension = file_name.split(".")[-1] except Exception: extension = None if extension: mimetype = trans.app.datatypes_registry.get_mimetype_by_extension(extension) if mimetype: trans.response.set_content_type(mimetype) return open(path_to_file, "rb") return None
def _get_updated_repository_information( self, trans, repository_id, repository_name, repository_owner, changeset_revision ): """ Send a request to the appropriate tool shed to retrieve the dictionary of information required to reinstall an updated revision of an uninstalled tool shed repository. """ repository = get_installed_tool_shed_repository(trans.app, repository_id) tool_shed_url = common_util.get_tool_shed_url_from_tool_shed_registry(trans.app, str(repository.tool_shed)) if tool_shed_url is None or repository_name is None or repository_owner is None or changeset_revision is None: raise Exception( "Unable to retrieve updated repository information from the Tool Shed because one or more of the following " f"required parameters is None: tool_shed_url: {tool_shed_url}, repository_name: {repository_name}, repository_owner: {repository_owner}, changeset_revision: {changeset_revision} " ) params = dict(name=str(repository_name), owner=str(repository_owner), changeset_revision=changeset_revision) pathspec = ["repository", "get_updated_repository_information"] raw_text = util.url_get( tool_shed_url, auth=self.app.tool_shed_registry.url_auth(tool_shed_url), pathspec=pathspec, params=params ) repo_information_dict = json.loads(raw_text) return repo_information_dict
[docs] @web.json @web.require_admin @legacy_tool_shed_endpoint def manage_repository_json(self, trans, **kwd): return self._manage_repository_json(trans, **kwd)
def _manage_repository_json(self, trans, **kwd): repository_id = kwd.get("id", None) if repository_id is None: return trans.show_error_message("Missing required encoded repository id.") if repository_id and isinstance(repository_id, list): # FIXME: This is a hack that avoids unhandled and duplicate url parameters leaking in. # This should be handled somewhere in the grids system, but given the legacy status # this should be OK. repository_id = [r for r in repository_id if "=" not in r][0] # This method only work for a single repo id repository = get_installed_tool_shed_repository(trans.app, repository_id) if repository is None: return trans.show_error_message("Invalid repository specified.") description = kwd.get("description", repository.description) status = "ok" if repository.in_error_state: message = "This repository is not installed correctly (see the <b>Repository installation error</b> below). Choose " message += "<b>Reset to install</b> from the <b>Repository Actions</b> menu, correct problems if necessary and try " message += "installing the repository again." status = "error" elif repository.can_install: message = "This repository is not installed. You can install it by choosing <b>Install</b> from the <b>Repository Actions</b> menu." status = "error" elif kwd.get("edit_repository_button", False): if description != repository.description: repository.description = description trans.install_model.context.add(repository) with transaction(trans.install_model.context): trans.install_model.context.commit() message = "The repository information has been updated." return dependency_display.build_manage_repository_dict(trans.app, status, repository)