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May 2020 Galaxy Release (v 20.05)

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Tool Recommendations

Anup Kumar has built a tool prediction feature based on machine learning conducted on Galaxy Europe data. Using the connections in workflows, he has built a button which can recommend what tool you should use after a current analysis step. You can read more on UseGalaxy.eu’s blogpost. This feature is not currently available on usegalaxy.org, but can be tried on usegalaxy.eu.

Tool prediction shown in the workflow interface
New Interactive Tools

Through the combined efforts of many UseGalaxy.eu admins and developers, as well as the European Galaxy community we have converted a significant number of interactive environments into the new interactive tool specification. Thanks to @bgruening, @hexylena, @jenzopr, @yvanlebras, @annefou, @abretaud, @joachimwolff, and @astrovsky01. You can try them all on live.usegalaxy.eu

Tool prediction shown in the workflow interface
Rule Based Uploader: Scrolling!

Many power users have fallen in love with Galaxy’s Rule Builder, allowing you to upload tables of data, and easily tag datasets and build collections on upload. However with too many columns the table did not scroll well for users, but no longer! This has been fixed by one of the Galaxy team members, @assuntad23. If you want to learn more about using the rule builder please see the in-depth tutorial from the developer, @jmchilton.

Scrolling works again
Social Login

The social login system has seen improvements over the past release, from adding support for Okta, adding and disconnecting OIDC accounts, to logging out. Through CILogon and Custos, users will be able to use existing institutional log in credentials to log into their Galaxy accounts. Different servers support different authentication providers, so ask your admin today if you want to login with CILogon, Custos, ELIXIR AAI, Google, or Globus.

New Visualizations

Chira Visualisation

Chira provides a suite of tools and a new visualisation for chimeras, allowing you to analyze RNA-RNA interactome experimental data such as CLASH, CLEAR-CLIP, PARIS, LIGR-Seq, etc. Read more in EU’s blog. (thanks to @OlegZharkov, Pull Request 9562)

Chimera visualisation

New Datatypes

Builtin Tool Updates

Release Notes

Please see the full release notes for more details.

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