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January 2022 Galaxy Release (v 22.01)

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New Colour Selector

Do you use tools which require colour inputs, like Circos? Previously we had a restricted colour input which gave you a very limited palette. Now, you have complete freedom of choice with the modern colour selector.

Improved File Export

If you’ve been exporting files from Galaxy lately, you’ve probably seen the amazing new remote file source export, which allows you to export files to FTP, Dropbox, and other locations.

Improved File Uploads

Previously, Galaxy servers used a variety of methods to let you upload large files easily, including some servers which required FTP for large files. We have replaced this with a new upload method, which will be enabled on all usegalaxy servers soon. This will make file uploads significantly smoother, and will be more tolerant of network failures and interruptions! You do not need to make any changes. See Pull Request 12656 for more information.

Beta History: Collection Improvements

If you’ve been trying out the beta history (which will be the default history next release!), it has been updated to indicate whether collections are homogeneous or heterogeneous. This will help you see more easily if you’ve accidentally included an incorrect dataset.

Screenshot of a history named collection tests history using the new beta history panel. Several collections are shown below, some labelled "A list of 6 txt datasets" and some labelled "a list of 3 datasets", without a datatype shown.

New Visualizations

Thanks to @neoformit, a new R shiny app “iSEE” has been added, which provides a UI for visualization of single-cell RNA datasets. See Pull Request 12650 for more information

screenshot of the iSEE app, on the left is a colourful scatterplot with dots grouped, labelled reduced dimension plot. On the right is a plot labelled feature assay plot with a number of violin plots. Both plots feature controls at the bottom for modifying the visualisation's parameters.

New Datatypes

Builtin Tool Updates

Release Testing Team

A special thanks to the release testing team for testing many of the new features and reporting many bugs:

Release Notes

User facing release notes compiled by Helena Rasche.

Please see the full release notes for more details.

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