This document is for an old release of Galaxy. You can alternatively view this page in the latest release if it exists or view the top of the latest release's documentation.

Galaxy Training Materials Webhook

We have added an enabled-by-default webhook for accessing the GTN materials within Galaxy. This provides users with easy access to a significant wealth of free, open Galaxy training material across a wide array of topics.

Screenshot showing GTN button on masthead in Galaxy

For many users screen space is at a premium, this embeds the training directly within Galaxy, allowing users to toggle back and forth quite easily.

By default the webhook will check if /training-material/ is accessible, on the same server as Galaxy. If it is, it will display that. Otherwise, it will show the public website.

Click to Run

Screenshot showing GTN overlay in Galaxy

If you choose to setup a proxy for the GTN (or deploy a local training site), then an advanced feature will be activated: Tools will be highlighted in the GTN, and your users can click on these to have that tool loaded in Galaxy.

Proxy Setup

location /training-material/ {
    proxy_pass https://training.galaxyproject.org/training-material/;