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July 2015 Galaxy Release (v 15.07)

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Interactive Environments

The interactive environments (IE) framework features several updates this release and Galaxy is now distributed with a new IE for RStudio implemented by Helena Rasche.

Workflow Editor Enhancements

The workflow editor has been significantly revamped - it now uses newer tool form components and allow construction of workflows with tools explicitly producing output collections.

Policies for Committers and Pull Requests

The process for adding committers to the project and fielding pull requests has been formalized and documented in the source code. Three new committers have been added to the project - Björn Grüning, Nicola Soranzo, and Helena Rasche.


% git clone -b master https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy.git
Update to latest stable release
% git checkout master && pull --ff-only origin master
Update to exact version
% git checkout v15.07


% hg pull
% hg update latest_15.07

See our wiki for additional details regarding the source code locations.

Deprecation Notice

Galaxy’s built-in cloudlaunch functionality is being replaced by CloudLaunch and will be removed from the core codebase in the next release.

Release Notes


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You can always chat with us on Matrix.

Thanks for using Galaxy!

The Galaxy Team