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galaxy.tool_util.client package


galaxy.tool_util.client.staging module

Client for staging inputs for Galaxy Tools and Workflows.

Implement as a connector to serve a bridge between galactic_job_json utility and a Galaxy API library.

class galaxy.tool_util.client.staging.InteractorStaging(galaxy_interactor, use_fetch_api=True)[source]

Bases: galaxy.tool_util.client.staging.StagingInterace

__init__(galaxy_interactor, use_fetch_api=True)[source]
class galaxy.tool_util.client.staging.StagingInterace[source]

Bases: object

Client that parses a job input and populates files into the Galaxy API.

Abstract class that must override _post (and optionally other things such _attach_file, _log, etc..) to adapt to bioblend (for Planemo) or using the tool test interactor infrastructure.

stage(tool_or_workflow, history_id, job=None, job_path=None, use_path_paste=True, to_posix_lines=True, job_dir='.')[source]

Return true is this should use (modern) data fetch API.