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import abc
from typing import (

from typing_extensions import Literal

from galaxy.managers.context import ProvidesHistoryContext
from galaxy.model import (
from galaxy.model.base import transaction

[docs]class WorkRequestContext(ProvidesHistoryContext): """Stripped down implementation of Galaxy web transaction god object for work request handling outside of web threads - uses mix-ins shared with GalaxyWebTransaction to provide app, user, and history context convenience methods - but nothing related to HTTP handling, mako views, etc.... Things that only need app shouldn't be consuming trans - but there is a need for actions potentially tied to users and histories and hopefully this can define that stripped down interface providing access to user and history information - but not dealing with web request and response objects. """
[docs] def __init__( self, app, user=None, history=None, workflow_building_mode=False, url_builder=None, galaxy_session: Optional[GalaxySession] = None, ): self._app = app self.__user = user self.__user_current_roles: Optional[List[Role]] = None self.__history = history self._url_builder = url_builder self._short_term_cache: Dict[Tuple[str, ...], Any] = {} self.workflow_building_mode = workflow_building_mode self.galaxy_session = galaxy_session
[docs] def set_cache_value(self, args: Tuple[str, ...], value: Any): self._short_term_cache[args] = value
[docs] def get_cache_value(self, args: Tuple[str, ...], default: Any = None) -> Any: return self._short_term_cache.get(args, default)
@property def app(self): return self._app @property def url_builder(self): return self._url_builder
[docs] def get_history(self, create=False): return self.__history
@property def history(self): return self.get_history()
[docs] def get_user(self): """Return the current user if logged in or None.""" return self.__user
[docs] def get_current_user_roles(self): if self.__user_current_roles is None: self.__user_current_roles = super().get_current_user_roles() return self.__user_current_roles
[docs] def set_user(self, user): """Set the current user.""" raise NotImplementedError("Cannot change users from a work request context.")
user = property(get_user, set_user)
[docs]class GalaxyAbstractRequest: """Abstract interface to provide access to some request properties.""" @abc.abstractproperty def base(self) -> str: """Base URL of the request.""" @abc.abstractproperty def host(self) -> str: """The host address.""" @abc.abstractproperty def is_secure(self) -> bool: """Was this a secure (https) request."""
[docs]class GalaxyAbstractResponse: """Abstract interface to provide access to some response utilities.""" @abc.abstractproperty def headers(self) -> dict: """The response headers."""
[docs] def set_content_type(self, content_type: str): """ Sets the Content-Type header """ self.headers["content-type"] = content_type
[docs] def get_content_type(self): return self.headers.get("content-type", None)
[docs]class SessionRequestContext(WorkRequestContext): """Like WorkRequestContext, but provides access to request."""
[docs] def __init__(self, **kwargs): self.__request: GalaxyAbstractRequest = kwargs.pop("request") self.__response: GalaxyAbstractResponse = kwargs.pop("response") super().__init__(**kwargs)
@property def host(self): return @property def request(self) -> GalaxyAbstractRequest: return self.__request @property def response(self) -> GalaxyAbstractResponse: return self.__response
[docs] def get_galaxy_session(self): return self.galaxy_session
[docs] def set_history(self, history): if history and not history.deleted and self.galaxy_session: self.galaxy_session.current_history = history self.sa_session.add(self.galaxy_session) with transaction(self.sa_session): self.sa_session.commit()
[docs]def proxy_work_context_for_history( trans: ProvidesHistoryContext, history: Optional[History] = None, workflow_building_mode=False ): """Create a WorkContext for supplied context with potentially different history. This provides semi-structured access to a transaction/work context with a supplied target history that is different from the user's current history (which also might change during the request). """ return WorkRequestContext(, user=trans.user, history=history or trans.history, url_builder=trans.url_builder, workflow_building_mode=workflow_building_mode, galaxy_session=trans.galaxy_session, )