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from galaxy.managers.context import (

[docs]class WorkRequestContext(ProvidesAppContext, ProvidesUserContext, ProvidesHistoryContext): """ Stripped down implementation of Galaxy web transaction god object for work request handling outside of web threads - uses mix-ins shared with GalaxyWebTransaction to provide app, user, and history context convience methods - but nothing related to HTTP handling, mako views, etc.... Things that only need app shouldn't be consuming trans - but there is a need for actions potentially tied to users and histories and hopefully this can define that stripped down interface providing access to user and history information - but not dealing with web request and response objects. """
[docs] def __init__(self, app, user=None, history=None, workflow_building_mode=False): = app = self.__user = user self.__user_current_roles = None self.__history = history self.api_inherit_admin = False self.workflow_building_mode = workflow_building_mode
[docs] def get_history(self, create=False): return self.__history
[docs] def set_history(self): raise NotImplementedError("Cannot change histories from a work request context.")
history = property(get_history, set_history)
[docs] def get_user(self): """Return the current user if logged in or None.""" return self.__user
[docs] def get_current_user_roles(self): if self.__user_current_roles is None: self.__user_current_roles = super(WorkRequestContext, self).get_current_user_roles() return self.__user_current_roles
[docs] def set_user(self, user): """Set the current user.""" raise NotImplementedError("Cannot change users from a work request context.")
user = property(get_user, set_user)