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Source code for galaxy.workflow.refactor.schema

from enum import Enum
from typing import (

from pydantic import (
from typing_extensions import (

LABEL_DESCRIPTION = "The unique label of the step being referenced."
INPUT_NAME_DESCRIPTION = "The input name as defined by the workflow module corresponding to the step being referenced. For Galaxy tool steps these inputs should be normalized using '|' (e.g. 'cond|repeat_0|input')."
input_name_field = Field(description=INPUT_NAME_DESCRIPTION)
output_name_field = Field(
    description="The output name as defined by the workflow module corresponding to the step being referenced. The default is 'output', corresponding to the output defined by input step types.",
step_target_field = Field(description="The target step for this action.")

[docs]class StepReferenceByOrderIndex(BaseModel): order_index: int = Field( description="The order_index of the step being referenced. The order indices of a workflow start at 0." )
[docs]class StepReferenceByLabel(BaseModel): label: str = Field(description=LABEL_DESCRIPTION)
step_reference_union = Union[StepReferenceByOrderIndex, StepReferenceByLabel]
[docs]class InputReferenceByOrderIndex(StepReferenceByOrderIndex): input_name: str = input_name_field
[docs]class InputReferenceByLabel(StepReferenceByLabel): input_name: str = input_name_field
input_reference_union = Union[InputReferenceByOrderIndex, InputReferenceByLabel]
[docs]class OutputReferenceByOrderIndex(StepReferenceByOrderIndex): output_name: Optional[str] = output_name_field
[docs]class OutputReferenceByLabel(StepReferenceByLabel): output_name: Optional[str] = output_name_field
output_reference_union = Union[OutputReferenceByOrderIndex, OutputReferenceByLabel]
[docs]class Position(BaseModel): left: float top: float
[docs] def to_dict(self): position = { "left": self.left, "top": self.top, } return position
[docs]class BaseAction(BaseModel): """Refactoring actions."""
[docs]class Action(BaseAction): action_type: str @classmethod def __get_validators__(cls): yield cls.return_action
[docs] @classmethod def return_action(cls, values): try: action_type = values["action_type"] except KeyError: raise ValueError(f"Missing required 'action_type' field for refactoring action: {values}") try: return ACTION_CLASSES_BY_TYPE[action_type](**values) except KeyError: raise ValueError(f"Unknown action_type encountered: {action_type}")
[docs]class UpdateStepLabelAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["update_step_label"] label: str = Field(description=LABEL_DESCRIPTION) step: step_reference_union = step_target_field
[docs]class UpdateStepPositionAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["update_step_position"] step: step_reference_union = step_target_field position_shift: Position
[docs]class AddStepAction(BaseAction): """Add a new action to the workflow. After the workflow is updated, an order_index will be assigned and this step may cause other steps to have their output_index adjusted. """ action_type: Literal["add_step"] type: str = Field(description="Module type of the step to add, see galaxy.workflow.modules for available types.") tool_state: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None label: Optional[str] = Field( None, description="A unique label for the step being added, must be distinct from the labels already present in the workflow.", ) position: Optional[Position] = Field(None, description="The location of the step in the Galaxy workflow editor.")
[docs]class ConnectAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["connect"] input: input_reference_union output: output_reference_union
[docs]class DisconnectAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["disconnect"] input: input_reference_union output: output_reference_union
[docs]class AddInputAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["add_input"] type: str label: Optional[str] = None position: Optional[Position] = None collection_type: Optional[str] = None restrictions: Optional[List[str]] = None restrict_on_connections: Optional[bool] = None suggestions: Optional[List[str]] = None optional: Optional[bool] = False default: Optional[Any] = None # this probably needs to be revisited when we have more complex field types
[docs]class ExtractInputAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["extract_input"] input: input_reference_union label: Optional[str] = None position: Optional[Position] = None
[docs]class ExtractUntypedParameter(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["extract_untyped_parameter"] name: str label: Optional[str] = None # defaults to name if unset position: Optional[Position] = None
[docs]class RemoveUnlabeledWorkflowOutputs(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["remove_unlabeled_workflow_outputs"]
[docs]class UpdateNameAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["update_name"] name: str
[docs]class UpdateAnnotationAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["update_annotation"] annotation: str
[docs]class UpdateLicenseAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["update_license"] license: str
[docs]class UpdateCreatorAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["update_creator"] creator: Any = None
[docs]class Report(BaseModel): markdown: str
[docs]class UpdateReportAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["update_report"] report: Report
[docs]class UpdateOutputLabelAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["update_output_label"] output: output_reference_union # TODO: allow reference by output_label output_label: str
[docs]class FillStepDefaultsAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["fill_step_defaults"] step: step_reference_union
[docs]class FileDefaultsAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["fill_defaults"]
[docs]class UpgradeSubworkflowAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["upgrade_subworkflow"] step: step_reference_union = step_target_field # Once we start storing these actions in the database, this needs to be decoded # before adding it into the database. content_id: Optional[str] = None
[docs]class UpgradeToolAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["upgrade_tool"] step: step_reference_union = step_target_field tool_version: Optional[str] = None
[docs]class UpgradeAllStepsAction(BaseAction): action_type: Literal["upgrade_all_steps"]
union_action_classes = Union[ AddInputAction, AddStepAction, ConnectAction, DisconnectAction, ExtractInputAction, ExtractUntypedParameter, FileDefaultsAction, FillStepDefaultsAction, UpdateAnnotationAction, UpdateCreatorAction, UpdateNameAction, UpdateLicenseAction, UpdateOutputLabelAction, UpdateReportAction, UpdateStepLabelAction, UpdateStepPositionAction, UpgradeSubworkflowAction, UpgradeToolAction, UpgradeAllStepsAction, RemoveUnlabeledWorkflowOutputs, ] ACTION_CLASSES_BY_TYPE = {} for action_class in union_action_classes.__args__: # type: ignore[attr-defined] action_type_def = action_class.model_json_schema()["properties"]["action_type"] try: # pydantic 1.8 action_type = action_type_def["enum"][0] except KeyError: # pydantic 1.7 action_type = action_type_def["const"] ACTION_CLASSES_BY_TYPE[action_type] = action_class
[docs]class RefactorActions(BaseModel): actions: List[Annotated[union_action_classes, Field(discriminator="action_type")]] dry_run: bool = False
[docs]class RefactorActionExecutionMessageTypeEnum(str, Enum): tool_version_change = "tool_version_change" tool_state_adjustment = "tool_state_adjustment" connection_drop_forced = "connection_drop_forced" workflow_output_drop_forced = "workflow_output_drop_forced"
INPUT_REFERENCE = """ Messages don't have to be bound to a step, but if they are they will have a step_label and order_index included in the execution message. These are the label and order_index before applying the refactoring, the result of applying the action may change one or both of these. If connections are dropped this step reference will refer to the step with the previously connected input. """
[docs]class RefactorActionExecutionMessage(BaseModel): message: str message_type: RefactorActionExecutionMessageTypeEnum step_label: Optional[str] = Field( None, description=f"Reference to the step the message refers to. ${INPUT_REFERENCE}" ) order_index: Optional[int] = Field( None, description=f"Reference to the step the message refers to. ${INPUT_REFERENCE}" ) input_name: Optional[str] = Field( None, description=f"""If this message is about an input to a step, this field describes the target input name. ${INPUT_NAME_DESCRIPTION}""", ) output_name: Optional[str] = Field( None, description="""If this message is about an output to a step, this field describes the target output name. The output name as defined by the workflow module corresponding to the step being referenced. """, ) from_step_label: Optional[str] = Field( None, description="""For dropped connections these optional attributes refer to the output side of the connection that was dropped.""", ) from_order_index: Optional[int] = Field( None, description="""For dropped connections these optional attributes refer to the output side of the connection that was dropped.""", ) output_label: Optional[str] = Field( None, description="If the message_type is workflow_output_drop_forced, this is the output label dropped." )
[docs]class RefactorActionExecution(BaseModel): action: union_action_classes messages: List[RefactorActionExecutionMessage]