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Source code for galaxy.web_stack.gunicorn_config

Gunicorn config file based on https://gist.github.com/hynek/ba655c8756924a5febc5285c712a7946

import gc
import os
import sys

[docs]def is_preload_app(): return "--preload" in os.environ.get("GUNICORN_CMD_ARGS", "") or "--preload" in sys.argv
[docs]def on_starting(server): """ Attach a set of IDs that can be temporarily re-used. Used on reloads when each worker exists twice. """ server._worker_id_overload = set()
[docs]def nworkers_changed(server, new_value, old_value): """ Gets called on startup too. Set the current number of workers. Required if we raise the worker count temporarily using TTIN because server.cfg.workers won't be updated and if one of those workers dies, we wouldn't know the ids go that far. """ server._worker_id_current_workers = new_value
def _next_worker_id(server): """ If there are IDs open for re-use, take one. Else look for a free one. """ if server._worker_id_overload: return server._worker_id_overload.pop() in_use = {w._worker_id for w in tuple(server.WORKERS.values()) if w.alive} free = set(range(1, server._worker_id_current_workers + 1)) - in_use return free.pop()
[docs]def on_reload(server): """ Add a full set of ids into overload so it can be re-used once. """ server._worker_id_overload = set(range(1, server.cfg.workers + 1))
[docs]def when_ready(server): # freeze objects after preloading app if is_preload_app(): gc.freeze() print("Objects frozen in perm gen: ", gc.get_freeze_count())
[docs]def pre_fork(server, worker): """ Attach the next free worker_id before forking off. """ worker._worker_id = _next_worker_id(server)
[docs]def post_fork(server, worker): """ Put worker_id and listeners into an env variable for further use within the app. """ os.environ["GUNICORN_WORKER_ID"] = str(worker._worker_id) os.environ["GUNICORN_LISTENERS"] = ",".join(str(bind) for bind in server.LISTENERS) if is_preload_app(): gc.enable() from galaxy.web_stack import GunicornApplicationStack GunicornApplicationStack.late_postfork_event.set()