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Source code for galaxy.queues


All message queues used by Galaxy


import socket
from typing import Optional

from kombu import (

ALL_CONTROL = "control.*"
galaxy_exchange = Exchange("galaxy_core_exchange", type="topic")

[docs]def all_control_queues_for_declare(application_stack): """ For in-memory routing (used by sqlalchemy-based transports), we need to be able to build the entire routing table in producers. """ # Get all active processes and construct queues for each process process_names = ( f"{p.server_name}@{p.hostname}" for p in application_stack.app.database_heartbeat.get_active_processes() ) return [Queue(f"control.{server_name}", galaxy_exchange, routing_key="control.*") for server_name in process_names]
[docs]def control_queues_from_config(config): """ Returns a Queue instance with the correct name and routing key for this galaxy process's config """ hostname = socket.gethostname() process_name = f"{config.server_name}@{hostname}" exchange_queue = Queue(f"control.{process_name}", galaxy_exchange, routing_key="control.*") non_exchange_queue = Queue(f"control.{process_name}", routing_key=f"control.{process_name}") return exchange_queue, non_exchange_queue
[docs]def connection_from_config(config) -> Optional[Connection]: if config.amqp_internal_connection: return Connection(config.amqp_internal_connection) else: return None