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Source code for galaxy.model.none_like

Objects with No values

from galaxy.model.metadata import MetadataCollection

[docs]class RecursiveNone: def __str__(self): return "None" def __repr__(self): return str(self) def __getattr__(self, name): value = RecursiveNone() setattr(self, name, value) return value def __bool__(self): return False __nonzero__ = __bool__
[docs]class NoneDataset(RecursiveNone):
[docs] def __init__(self, datatypes_registry=None, ext="data", dbkey="?"): self.ext = self.extension = ext self.dbkey = dbkey assert datatypes_registry is not None self.datatype = datatypes_registry.get_datatype_by_extension(ext) self._metadata = None self.metadata = MetadataCollection(self)
def __getattr__(self, name): return "None"
[docs] def missing_meta(self): return False
[docs] def get_file_name(self, sync_cache=True): return "None"