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Source code for tool_shed.util.hgweb_config

import configparser
import logging
import os
import shutil
import threading
from datetime import date

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

new_hgweb_config_template = """


[docs]class HgWebConfigManager:
[docs] def __init__(self): self.hgweb_config_dir = None self.in_memory_config = None self.lock = threading.Lock() self.hgweb_repo_prefix = None
[docs] def add_entry(self, lhs, rhs): """Add an entry in the hgweb.config file for a new repository.""" self.lock.acquire(True) try: # Since we're changing the config, make sure the latest is loaded into memory. self.read_config(force_read=True) # An entry looks something like: repos/test/mira_assembler = database/community_files/000/repo_123. if rhs.startswith("./"): rhs = rhs.replace("./", "", 1) self.make_backup() # Add the new entry into memory. self.in_memory_config.set("paths", lhs, rhs) # Persist our in-memory configuration. self.write_config() except Exception: log.exception("Exception in HgWebConfigManager.add_entry()") finally: self.lock.release()
[docs] def change_entry(self, old_lhs, new_lhs, new_rhs): """Change an entry in the hgweb.config file for a repository - this only happens when the owner changes the name of the repository.""" self.lock.acquire(True) try: self.make_backup() # Remove the old entry. self.in_memory_config.remove_option("paths", old_lhs) # Add the new entry. self.in_memory_config.set("paths", new_lhs, new_rhs) # Persist our in-memory configuration. self.write_config() except Exception: log.exception("Exception in HgWebConfigManager.change_entry()") finally: self.lock.release()
[docs] def get_entry(self, lhs): """Return an entry in the hgweb.config file for a repository""" self.read_config() try: entry = self.in_memory_config.get("paths", lhs) except configparser.NoOptionError: try: # We have a multi-threaded front-end, so one of the threads may not have the latest version of the hgweb.config file. self.read_config(force_read=True) entry = self.in_memory_config.get("paths", lhs) except configparser.NoOptionError: raise Exception(f"Entry for repository {lhs} missing in file {self.hgweb_config}.") return entry
@property def hgweb_config(self): hgweb_config = os.path.join(self.hgweb_config_dir, "hgweb.config") if not os.path.exists(hgweb_config): # We used to raise an exception here... # raise Exception( "Required file %s does not exist - check config setting for hgweb_config_dir." % hgweb_config ) # ...but now we just log the missing file and create a new empty one. log.debug( f"Required file {hgweb_config} does not exist, so creating a new, empty file. Check your config setting for hgweb_config_dir." ) with open(hgweb_config, "w") as hgweb_config_file: hgweb_config_file.write(new_hgweb_config_template) return os.path.abspath(hgweb_config)
[docs] def make_backup(self): # Make a backup of the hgweb.config file. today = date.today() backup_date = today.strftime("%Y_%m_%d") hgweb_config_backup_filename = f"hgweb.config_{backup_date}_backup" hgweb_config_copy = os.path.join(self.hgweb_config_dir, hgweb_config_backup_filename) shutil.copy(os.path.abspath(self.hgweb_config), os.path.abspath(hgweb_config_copy))
[docs] def read_config(self, force_read=False): if force_read or self.in_memory_config is None: config = configparser.ConfigParser() config.read(self.hgweb_config) self.in_memory_config = config
[docs] def write_config(self): """Writing the in-memory configuration to the hgweb.config file on disk.""" with open(self.hgweb_config, "w") as config_file: self.in_memory_config.write(config_file)
hgweb_config_manager = HgWebConfigManager()