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Source code for galaxy.web_stack.transport

"""Web application stack operations

import logging
import threading

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ApplicationStackTransport: SHUTDOWN_MSG = "__SHUTDOWN__"
[docs] def __init__(self, app, stack, dispatcher=None): """Pre-fork initialization.""" self.app = app self.stack = stack self.can_run = False self.running = False self.dispatcher = dispatcher self.dispatcher_thread = None
[docs] def init_late_prefork(self): pass
def _dispatch_messages(self): pass
[docs] def start_if_needed(self): # Don't unnecessarily start a thread that we don't need. if ( self.can_run and not self.running and not self.dispatcher_thread and self.dispatcher and self.dispatcher.handler_count ): self.running = True self.dispatcher_thread = threading.Thread( name=f"{self.__class__.__name__}.dispatcher_thread", target=self._dispatch_messages ) self.dispatcher_thread.start() log.info("%s dispatcher started", self.__class__.__name__)
[docs] def stop_if_unneeded(self): if ( self.can_run and self.running and self.dispatcher_thread and self.dispatcher and not self.dispatcher.handler_count ): self.running = False self.dispatcher_thread.join() self.dispatcher_thread = None log.info("%s dispatcher stopped", self.__class__.__name__)
[docs] def start(self): """Post-fork initialization.""" self.can_run = True self.start_if_needed()
[docs] def send_message(self, msg, dest): pass
[docs] def shutdown(self): self.running = False if self.dispatcher_thread: log.info("Joining application stack transport dispatcher thread") self.dispatcher_thread.join() self.dispatcher_thread = None