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Source code for galaxy.tours.validate

import argparse
import sys

import yaml
from pydantic.error_wrappers import ValidationError

from galaxy.navigation.data import load_root_component
from ._impl import (
from ._schema import TourDetails

DESCRIPTION = "Perform static validation of a tour."

[docs]def main(argv=None): if argv is None: argv = sys.argv[1:] args = _arg_parser().parse_args(argv) target = args.target validated = True for tour_path in tour_paths(target): tour_id = get_tour_id_from_path(tour_path) def warn(msg): print(f"Tour '{tour_id}' warning: {msg}") # noqa: B023 message = None tour = None try: tour = load_tour_from_path(tour_path, warn=warn, resolve_components=False) except OSError: message = f"Tour '{tour_id}' could not be loaded, error reading file." except yaml.error.YAMLError: message = f"Tour '{tour_id}' could not be loaded, error within file. Please check your YAML syntax." except TypeError: message = ( f"Tour '{tour_id}' could not be loaded, error within file." " Possibly spacing related. Please check your YAML syntax." ) if tour: try: TourDetails(**tour) except ValidationError as e: message = f"Validation issue with tour data for '{tour_id}'. [{e}]" for tour_step in tour["steps"]: root_component = load_root_component() if "component" in tour_step: component = tour_step["component"] try: root_component.resolve_component_locator(component) except Exception as e: message = f"Tour '{tour_id}' - failed to resolve component {component}. [{e}]" if message: validated = False print(message) else: print(f"Tour {tour_id} statically validated!") if not validated: raise ValueError("One or more tours failed static validation.")
def _arg_parser(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=DESCRIPTION) parser.add_argument( "target", metavar="TARGET", nargs="?", help="tour or directories of tours to validate", default="config/plugins/tours", ) return parser if __name__ == "__main__": main()