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Source code for galaxy.tool_util.linters.command

"""This module contains a linting function for a tool's command description.

A command description describes how to build the command-line to execute
from supplied inputs.

[docs]def lint_command(tool_xml, lint_ctx): """Ensure tool contains exactly one command and check attributes.""" root = tool_xml.find("./command") if root is None: root = tool_xml.getroot() commands = tool_xml.findall("./command") if len(commands) > 1: lint_ctx.error("More than one command tag found, behavior undefined.", node=commands[1]) return if len(commands) == 0: lint_ctx.error("No command tag found, must specify a command template to execute.", node=root) return command = get_command(tool_xml) if command.text is None: lint_ctx.error("Command is empty.", node=root) elif "TODO" in command.text: lint_ctx.warn("Command template contains TODO text.", node=command) command_attrib = command.attrib interpreter_type = None for key, value in command_attrib.items(): if key == "interpreter": interpreter_type = value elif key == "detect_errors": detect_errors = value if detect_errors not in ["default", "exit_code", "aggressive"]: lint_ctx.warn(f"Unknown detect_errors attribute [{detect_errors}]", node=command) interpreter_info = "" if interpreter_type: interpreter_info = f" with interpreter of type [{interpreter_type}]" if interpreter_type: lint_ctx.warn("Command uses deprecated 'interpreter' attribute.", node=command) lint_ctx.info(f"Tool contains a command{interpreter_info}.", node=command)
[docs]def get_command(tool_xml): """Get command XML element from supplied XML root.""" root = tool_xml.getroot() commands = root.findall("command") command = None if len(commands) == 1: command = commands[0] return command