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Source code for galaxy.datatypes.converters.gff_to_interval_index_converter

#!/usr/bin/env python

Convert from GFF file to interval index file.

    python gff_to_interval_index_converter.py [input] [output]

import fileinput
import sys

from bx.interval_index_file import Indexes
from bx.intervals.io import GenomicInterval

from galaxy.datatypes.util.gff_util import (

[docs]def main(): # Arguments input_fname, out_fname = sys.argv[1:] # Do conversion. index = Indexes() offset = 0 reader_wrapper = GFFReaderWrapper(fileinput.FileInput(input_fname), fix_strand=True) for feature in list(reader_wrapper): # Add feature; index expects BED coordinates. if isinstance(feature, GenomicInterval): convert_gff_coords_to_bed(feature) index.add(feature.chrom, feature.start, feature.end, offset) # Always increment offset, even if feature is not an interval and hence # not included in the index. offset += feature.raw_size index.write(open(out_fname, "wb"))
if __name__ == "__main__": main()