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galaxy.tool_shed.galaxy_install.tool_dependencies package


galaxy.tool_shed.galaxy_install.tool_dependencies.env_manager module

class galaxy.tool_shed.galaxy_install.tool_dependencies.env_manager.EnvManager(app)[source]

Bases: object


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

create_env_var_dict(elem, install_environment)[source]
get_env_shell_file_paths_from_setup_environment_elem(all_env_shell_file_paths, elem, action_dict)[source]

Parse an XML tag set to discover all child repository dependency tags and define the path to an env.sh file associated with the repository (this requires the repository dependency to be in an installed state). The received action_dict will be updated with these discovered paths and returned to the caller. This method handles tool dependency definition tag sets <setup_r_environment>, <setup_ruby_environment>, <setup_python_environment> and <setup_perl_environment>.