Module for building and searching the index of tools installed within this Galaxy. Before changing index-building or searching related parts it is deeply recommended to read through the library docs at

class, index_help=True)[source]

Bases: object

Support searching tools in a toolbox. This implementation uses the Whoosh search library.

__init__(toolbox, index_help=True)[source]
build_index(tool_cache, index_help=True)[source]

Prepare search index for tools loaded in toolbox. Use tool_cache to determine which tools need indexing and which tools should be expired.

search(q, tool_name_boost, tool_section_boost, tool_description_boost, tool_label_boost, tool_stub_boost, tool_help_boost, tool_search_limit, tool_enable_ngram_search, tool_ngram_minsize, tool_ngram_maxsize)[source]

Perform search on the in-memory index. Weight in the given boosts.