galaxy.auth package

Contains implementations of the authentication logic.

class galaxy.auth.AuthManager(app)[source]

Bases: object

check_registration_allowed(email, username, password)[source]

Checks if the provided email/username is allowed to register.

check_auto_registration(trans, login, password, no_password_check=False)[source]

Checks the username/email & password using auth providers in order. If a match is found, returns the ‘auto-register’ option for that provider.

check_password(user, password)[source]

Checks the username/email and password using auth providers.

check_change_password(user, current_password)[source]

Checks that auth provider allows password changes and current_password matches.

active_authenticators(email, username, password)[source]

Yields AuthProvider instances for the provided configfile that match the filters.