Source code for tool_shed.webapp.fast_factory

"""Module containing factory class for building uvicorn app for the Galaxy Tool Shed.

Information on uvicorn, its various settings, and how to invoke it can
be found at

The Galaxy Tool Shed can be launched with uvicorn using the following invocation:


    uvicorn --app-dir lib --factory tool_shed.webapp.fast_factory:factory

Use the environment variable ``TOOL_SHED_CONFIG_FILE`` to specify a Tool Shed
configuration file.


    TOOL_SHED_CONFIG_FILE=config/tool_shed.yml uvicorn --app-dir lib --factory tool_shed.webapp.fast_factory:factory

.. note::

    Information on additional ways to configure uvicorn can be found at

`Gunicorn <>`__ is a server with
more complex management options.

This factory function can be executed as a uvicorn worker managed with gunicorn
with the following command-line.


    gunicorn 'tool_shed.webapp.fast_factory:factory()' --env TOOL_SHED_CONFIG_FILE=config/tool_shed.yml --pythonpath lib -w 4 -k uvicorn.workers.UvicornWorker --config lib/galaxy/web_stack/


from galaxy.main_config import (
from tool_shed.webapp.buildapp import app_pair
from tool_shed.webapp.config import TOOLSHED_APP_NAME
from .fast_app import initialize_fast_app

[docs]def factory(): props = WebappSetupProps( app_name=TOOLSHED_APP_NAME, default_section_name=TOOLSHED_APP_NAME, env_config_file="TOOL_SHED_CONFIG_FILE", ) config_provider = WebappConfigResolver(props) config = config_provider.resolve_config() gx_webapp, app = app_pair( global_conf=config.global_conf, load_app_kwds=config.load_app_kwds, wsgi_preflight=config.wsgi_preflight ) return initialize_fast_app(gx_webapp, app)