Source code for galaxy.webapps.reports.fast_app

from a2wsgi import WSGIMiddleware
from fastapi import FastAPI

from galaxy.webapps.base.api import (

[docs]def initialize_fast_app(gx_webapp): app = FastAPI( title="Galaxy Reports API", description=( "This API will give you insights into the Galaxy instance's usage and load. " "It aims to provide data about users, jobs, workflows, disk space, and much more." ), docs_url="/api/docs", redoc_url="/api/redoc", ) add_exception_handler(app) add_request_id_middleware(app) include_all_package_routers(app, "galaxy.webapps.reports.api") wsgi_handler = WSGIMiddleware(gx_webapp) # app.mount("/", wsgi_handler) # type: ignore[arg-type] return app