Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.api.toolshed

import json
import logging
from urllib.parse import quote

from galaxy.exceptions import MessageException
from galaxy.util import url_get
from galaxy.web import (
from . import BaseGalaxyAPIController

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ToolShedController(BaseGalaxyAPIController): """RESTful controller for interactions with Toolsheds."""
[docs] @expose_api def index(self, trans, **kwd): """ GET /api/tool_shed Interact with the Toolshed registry of this instance. """ tool_sheds = [] for name, url in tool_sheds.append(dict(name=name, url=quote(url, ""))) return tool_sheds
[docs] @require_admin @expose_api def request(self, trans, **params): """ GET /api/tool_shed/request """ tool_shed_url = params.pop("tool_shed_url") controller = params.pop("controller") if controller is None: raise MessageException("Please provide a toolshed controller name.") tool_shed_registry = if tool_shed_registry is None: raise MessageException("Toolshed registry not available.") if tool_shed_url in tool_shed_registry.tool_sheds.values(): pathspec = ["api", controller] if "id" in params: pathspec.append(params.pop("id")) if "action" in params: pathspec.append(params.pop("action")) try: return json.loads(url_get(tool_shed_url, params=dict(params), pathspec=pathspec)) except Exception as e: raise MessageException(f"Invalid server response. {str(e)}.") else: raise MessageException("Invalid toolshed url.")