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from enum import Enum
from typing import (

from pydantic import (

class Requirement(str, Enum):
    """Available types of job sources (model classes) that produce dataset collections."""

    LOGGED_IN = "logged_in"
    NEW_HISTORY = "new_history"
    ADMIN = "admin"

[docs]class TourCore(BaseModel): name: str = Field(title="Name", description="Name of tour") description: str = Field(title="Description", description="Tour description") tags: List[str] = Field(title="Tags", description="Topic topic tags") requirements: List[Requirement] = Field(title="Requirements", description="Requirements to run the tour.")
[docs] class Config: use_enum_values = True # when using .dict()
[docs]class Tour(TourCore): id: str = Field(title="Identifier", description="Tour identifier")
[docs]class TourList(BaseModel): __root__: List[Tour] = Field(title="List of tours", default=[])
[docs]class TourStep(BaseModel): title: Optional[str] = Field(title="Title", description="Title displayed in the header of the step container") content: Optional[str] = Field(title="Content", description="Text shown to the user") element: Optional[str] = Field(title="Element", description="CSS selector for the element to be described/clicked") placement: Optional[str] = Field( title="Placement", description="Placement of the text box relative to the selected element" ) preclick: Optional[Union[bool, List[str]]] = Field( title="Pre-click", description="Elements that receive a click() event before the step is shown" ) postclick: Optional[Union[bool, List[str]]] = Field( title="Post-click", description="Elements that receive a click() event after the step is shown" ) textinsert: Optional[str] = Field( title="Text-insert", description="Text to insert if element is a text box (e.g. tool search or upload)" )
[docs]class TourDetails(TourCore): title_default: Optional[str] = Field(title="Default title", description="Default title for each step") steps: List[TourStep] = Field(title="Steps", description="Tour steps")