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Source code for galaxy.tool_util.verify.wait

"""Abstraction for waiting on API conditions to become true."""

import time
from typing import Callable, Optional, Union


TIMEOUT_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE = "Timed out after {} seconds waiting on {}."
timeout_type = Union[int, float]

[docs]def wait_on(function: Callable, desc: str, timeout: timeout_type, delta: timeout_type = DEFAULT_POLLING_DELTA, polling_backoff: timeout_type = DEFAULT_POLLING_BACKOFF, sleep_: Optional[Callable] = None): """Wait for function to return non-None value. Grow the polling interval (initially ``delta`` defaulting to 0.25 seconds) incrementally by the supplied ``polling_backoff`` (defaulting to 0). Throw a TimeoutAssertionError if the supplied timeout is reached without supplied function ever returning a non-None value. """ sleep = sleep_ or time.sleep total_wait = 0.0 while True: if total_wait > timeout: raise TimeoutAssertionError(TIMEOUT_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE.format(total_wait, desc)) value = function() if value is not None: return value total_wait += delta sleep(delta) delta += polling_backoff
[docs]class TimeoutAssertionError(AssertionError): """Derivative of AssertionError indicating wait_on exceeded max time."""
[docs] def __init__(self, message): super().__init__(message)