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"""This module contains a linting function for a tool's help."""

from typing import Union

from galaxy.util import (

[docs]def lint_help(tool_xml, lint_ctx): """Ensure tool contains exactly one valid RST help block.""" # determine node to report for general problems with help root = tool_xml.find("./help") if root is None: root = tool_xml.getroot() helps = tool_xml.findall("./help") if len(helps) > 1: lint_ctx.error("More than one help section found, behavior undefined.", node=helps[1]) return if len(helps) == 0: lint_ctx.warn("No help section found, consider adding a help section to your tool.", node=root) return help_text = helps[0].text or "" if not help_text.strip(): lint_ctx.warn("Help section appears to be empty.", node=helps[0]) return lint_ctx.valid("Tool contains help section.", node=helps[0]) if "TODO" in help_text: lint_ctx.warn("Help contains TODO text.", node=helps[0]) invalid_rst = rst_invalid(help_text) if invalid_rst: lint_ctx.warn(f"Invalid reStructuredText found in help - [{invalid_rst}].", node=helps[0]) else: lint_ctx.valid("Help contains valid reStructuredText.", node=helps[0])
[docs]def rst_invalid(text: str) -> Union[bool, str]: """ Predicate to determine if text is invalid reStructuredText. Return False if the supplied text is valid reStructuredText or a string indicating the problem. """ invalid_rst: Union[bool, str] = False try: rst_to_html(text, error=True) except Exception as e: invalid_rst = unicodify(e) return invalid_rst