Source code for galaxy.managers.executables

"""Utilities for loading tools and workflows from paths for admin user requests."""
from typing import (

import yaml

from galaxy import exceptions
from galaxy.util import in_directory

[docs]def artifact_class(trans, as_dict: Dict[str, Any], allow_in_directory: Optional[str] = None): object_id = as_dict.get("object_id", None) if as_dict.get("src", None) == "from_path": workflow_path = as_dict.get("path") allow = not trans or trans.user_is_admin allow = allow or (allow_in_directory and in_directory(workflow_path, allow_in_directory)) if not allow: raise exceptions.AdminRequiredException() if not isinstance(workflow_path, str): raise exceptions.RequestParameterInvalidException() with open(workflow_path) as f: as_dict = yaml.safe_load(f) artifact_class = as_dict.get("class", None) if artifact_class is None and "$graph" in as_dict: object_id = object_id or "main" graph = as_dict["$graph"] target_object = None if isinstance(graph, dict): target_object = graph.get(object_id) else: for item in graph: found_id = item.get("id") if found_id == object_id or found_id == f"#{object_id}": target_object = item if target_object and target_object.get("class"): artifact_class = target_object["class"] return artifact_class, as_dict, object_id
__all__ = ("artifact_class",)