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import json

from galaxy.util.plugin_config import plugins_dict


ERROR_MESSAGE_NO_JOB_PLUGIN = "No job plugin parameter found, cannot create CLI job interface"
ERROR_MESSAGE_NO_SUCH_JOB_PLUGIN = "Failed to find job_plugin of type %s, available types include %s"

[docs]class CliInterface: """ High-level interface for loading shell and job plugins and matching them to specified parameters. """
[docs] def __init__(self): """ """ module_prefix = self.__module__ self.cli_shells = plugins_dict(f"{module_prefix}.shell", "__name__") self.cli_job_interfaces = plugins_dict(f"{module_prefix}.job", "__name__") self.active_cli_shells = {}
[docs] def get_plugins(self, shell_params, job_params): """ Return shell and job interface defined by and configured via specified params. """ shell = self.get_shell_plugin(shell_params) job_interface = self.get_job_interface(job_params) return shell, job_interface
[docs] def get_shell_plugin(self, shell_params): shell_plugin = shell_params.get("plugin", DEFAULT_SHELL_PLUGIN) requested_shell_settings = json.dumps(shell_params, sort_keys=True) if requested_shell_settings not in self.active_cli_shells: shell_plugin_class = self.cli_shells.get(shell_plugin) if not shell_plugin_class: raise ValueError( f"Unknown shell_plugin [{shell_plugin}], available plugins are {list(self.cli_shells.keys())}" ) self.active_cli_shells[requested_shell_settings] = shell_plugin_class(**shell_params) return self.active_cli_shells[requested_shell_settings]
[docs] def get_job_interface(self, job_params): job_plugin = job_params.get("plugin") if not job_plugin: raise ValueError(ERROR_MESSAGE_NO_JOB_PLUGIN) job_plugin_class = self.cli_job_interfaces.get(job_plugin) if not job_plugin_class: raise ValueError(ERROR_MESSAGE_NO_SUCH_JOB_PLUGIN % (job_plugin, list(self.cli_job_interfaces.keys()))) return job_plugin_class(**job_params)
[docs]def split_params(params): shell_params = {k.replace("shell_", "", 1): v for k, v in params.items() if k.startswith("shell_")} job_params = {k.replace("job_", "", 1): v for k, v in params.items() if k.startswith("job_")} return shell_params, job_params