Source code for galaxy.datatypes.dataproviders.exceptions

DataProvider related exceptions.

[docs]class InvalidDataProviderSource(TypeError): """ Raised when a unusable source is passed to a provider. """
[docs] def __init__(self, source=None, msg=""): msg = msg or f"Invalid source for provider: {source}" super().__init__(msg)
[docs]class NoProviderAvailable(TypeError): """ Raised when no provider is found for the given `format_requested`. :param factory_source: the item that the provider was requested from :param format_requested: the format_requested (a hashable key to access `factory_source.datatypes` with) Both params are attached to this class and accessible to the try-catch receiver. Meant to be used within a class that builds dataproviders (e.g. a Datatype) """
[docs] def __init__(self, factory_source, format_requested=None, msg=""): self.factory_source = factory_source self.format_requested = format_requested msg = msg or f'No provider available in factory_source "{str(factory_source)}" for format requested' if self.format_requested: msg += f': "{self.format_requested}"' super().__init__(msg)