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galaxy.tours package

galaxy.tours.build_tours_registry(tour_directories: str)[source]
class galaxy.tours.ToursRegistry[source]

Bases: abc.ABC

abstract get_tours() galaxy.tours._schema.TourList[source]

Return list of tours.

abstract tour_contents(tour_id: str) galaxy.tours._schema.TourDetails[source]

Return tour contents.

abstract load_tour(tour_id: str) galaxy.tours._schema.TourDetails[source]

Reload tour and return its contents.

class galaxy.tours.Tour(*, name: str, description: str, tags: List[str], id: str)[source]

Bases: galaxy.tours._schema.TourCore

id: str
class galaxy.tours.TourCore(*, name: str, description: str, tags: List[str])[source]

Bases: pydantic.main.BaseModel

name: str
description: str
tags: List[str]
class galaxy.tours.TourDetails(*, name: str, description: str, tags: List[str], title_default: str = None, steps: List[galaxy.tours._schema.TourStep])[source]

Bases: galaxy.tours._schema.TourCore

title_default: Optional[str]
steps: List[galaxy.tours._schema.TourStep]
class galaxy.tours.TourList(*, __root__: List[galaxy.tours._schema.Tour] = [])[source]

Bases: pydantic.main.BaseModel

class galaxy.tours.TourStep(*, title: str = None, content: str = None, element: str = None, placement: str = None, preclick: list = None, postclick: list = None, textinsert: str = None, backdrop: bool = None)[source]

Bases: pydantic.main.BaseModel

title: Optional[str]
content: Optional[str]
element: Optional[str]
placement: Optional[str]
preclick: Optional[list]
postclick: Optional[list]
textinsert: Optional[str]
backdrop: Optional[bool]