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galaxy.quota package

Galaxy Quotas

galaxy.quota.get_quota_agent(config, model) QuotaAgent[source]
class galaxy.quota.NoQuotaAgent[source]

Bases: QuotaAgent

Base quota agent, always returns no quota

get_quota(user, quota_source_label=None) int | None[source]

Return quota in bytes or None if no quota is set.

relabel_quota_for_dataset(dataset, from_label: str | None, to_label: str | None)[source]

Update the quota source label for dataset and adjust relevant quotas.

Subtract quota for labels from users using old label and quota for new label for these users.

property default_quota
get_percent(trans=None, user=False, history=False, usage=False, quota=False, quota_source_label=None) int | None[source]

Return the percentage of any storage quota applicable to the user/transaction.

is_over_quota(app, job, job_destination)[source]

Return True if the user or history is over quota for specified job.

job_destination unused currently but an important future application will be admins and/or users dynamically specifying which object stores to use and that will likely come in through the job destination.