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Source code for tool_shed.webapp.api.configuration

API operations allowing clients to determine Tool Shed instance's
capabilities and configuration settings.

import logging

from galaxy.web import expose_api_anonymous_and_sessionless
from . import BaseShedAPIController

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ConfigurationController(BaseShedAPIController):
[docs] @expose_api_anonymous_and_sessionless def version(self, trans, **kwds): """ GET /api/version Return a description of the version_major and version of Galaxy Tool Shed (e.g. 15.07 and 15.07.dev). :rtype: dict :returns: dictionary with versions keyed as 'version_major' and 'version' """ return {"version_major": self.app.config.version_major, "version": self.app.config.version}