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Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.controllers.page

from galaxy import (
from galaxy.managers.hdas import HDAManager
from galaxy.managers.histories import (
from galaxy.managers.pages import (
    get_page as get_page_,
from galaxy.managers.sharable import SlugBuilder
from galaxy.managers.workflows import WorkflowsManager
from galaxy.model.base import transaction
from galaxy.model.db.user import get_user_by_username
from galaxy.model.item_attrs import UsesItemRatings
from galaxy.schema.schema import CreatePagePayload
from galaxy.structured_app import StructuredApp
from galaxy.util.sanitize_html import sanitize_html
from galaxy.web import error
from galaxy.webapps.base.controller import (
from galaxy.webapps.galaxy.api import depends

# Adapted from the _BaseHTMLProcessor class of https://github.com/kurtmckee/feedparser
[docs]class PageController(BaseUIController, SharableMixin, UsesStoredWorkflowMixin, UsesVisualizationMixin, UsesItemRatings): page_manager: PageManager = depends(PageManager) history_manager: HistoryManager = depends(HistoryManager) history_serializer: HistorySerializer = depends(HistorySerializer) hda_manager: HDAManager = depends(HDAManager) workflow_manager: WorkflowsManager = depends(WorkflowsManager) slug_builder: SlugBuilder = depends(SlugBuilder)
[docs] def __init__(self, app: StructuredApp): super().__init__(app)
[docs] @web.expose_api @web.require_login("create pages") def create(self, trans, payload=None, **kwd): """ Create a new page. """ if trans.request.method == "GET": form_title = "Create new Page" title = "" slug = "" content = "" content_hide = True if "invocation_id" in kwd: invocation_id = kwd.get("invocation_id") form_title = f"{form_title} from Invocation Report" slug = f"invocation-report-{invocation_id}" invocation_report = self.workflow_manager.get_invocation_report( trans, trans.security.decode_id(invocation_id) ) title = invocation_report.get("title") content = invocation_report.get("markdown") content_hide = False return { "title": form_title, "inputs": [ { "name": "title", "label": "Name", "value": title, }, { "name": "slug", "label": "Identifier", "help": "A unique identifier that will be used for public links to this page. This field can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes (-).", "value": slug, }, { "name": "annotation", "label": "Annotation", "help": "A description of the page. The annotation is shown alongside published pages.", }, { "name": "content_format", "label": "Content Format", "value": "markdown", "hidden": True, }, { "name": "content", "label": "Content", "area": True, "value": content, "hidden": content_hide, }, ], } else: page = self.page_manager.create_page(trans, CreatePagePayload(**payload)) return {"message": f"Page '{page.title}' successfully created.", "status": "success"}
[docs] @web.legacy_expose_api @web.require_login("edit pages") def edit(self, trans, payload=None, **kwd): """ Edit a page's attributes. """ id = kwd.get("id") if not id: return self.message_exception(trans, "No page id received for editing.") decoded_id = self.decode_id(id) user = trans.get_user() p = trans.sa_session.get(model.Page, decoded_id) p = self.security_check(trans, p, check_ownership=True) if trans.request.method == "GET": if p.slug is None: self.slug_builder.create_item_slug(trans.sa_session, p) return { "title": "Edit page attributes", "inputs": [ {"name": "title", "label": "Name", "value": p.title}, { "name": "slug", "label": "Identifier", "value": p.slug, "help": "A unique identifier that will be used for public links to this page. This field can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes (-).", }, { "name": "annotation", "label": "Annotation", "value": self.get_item_annotation_str(trans.sa_session, user, p), "help": "A description of the page. The annotation is shown alongside published pages.", }, ], } else: p_title = payload.get("title") p_slug = payload.get("slug") p_annotation = payload.get("annotation") if not p_title: return self.message_exception(trans, "Please provide a page name is required.") elif not p_slug: return self.message_exception(trans, "Please provide a unique identifier.") elif not self._is_valid_slug(p_slug): return self.message_exception( trans, "Page identifier can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes (-)." ) elif p_slug != p.slug and page_exists(trans.sa_session, p.user, p_slug): return self.message_exception(trans, "Page id must be unique.") else: p.title = p_title p.slug = p_slug if p_annotation: p_annotation = sanitize_html(p_annotation) self.add_item_annotation(trans.sa_session, user, p, p_annotation) trans.sa_session.add(p) with transaction(trans.sa_session): trans.sa_session.commit() return {"message": f"Attributes of '{p.title}' successfully saved.", "status": "success"}
[docs] @web.expose @web.require_login() def display(self, trans, id, **kwargs): id = self.decode_id(id) page = trans.sa_session.get(model.Page, id) if not page: raise web.httpexceptions.HTTPNotFound() return self.display_by_username_and_slug(trans, page.user.username, page.slug)
[docs] @web.expose def display_by_username_and_slug(self, trans, username, slug, **kwargs): """Display page based on a username and slug.""" # Get page. user = get_user_by_username(trans.sa_session, username) page = get_page_(trans.sa_session, user, slug) if page is None: raise web.httpexceptions.HTTPNotFound() # Security check raises error if user cannot access page. self.security_check(trans, page, False, True) # Encode page identifier. page_id = trans.security.encode_id(page.id) # Redirect to client. return trans.response.send_redirect( web.url_for( controller="published", action="page", id=page_id, ) )
[docs] def get_page(self, trans, id, check_ownership=True, check_accessible=False): """Get a page from the database by id.""" # Load history from database id = self.decode_id(id) page = trans.sa_session.get(model.Page, id) if not page: error("Page not found") else: return self.security_check(trans, page, check_ownership, check_accessible)