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Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.api.folder_contents

API operations on the contents of a library folder.

import logging
from typing import Optional

from fastapi import (
from typing_extensions import Annotated

from galaxy.managers.context import ProvidesUserContext
from galaxy.schema.fields import LibraryFolderDatabaseIdField
from galaxy.schema.schema import (
from galaxy.webapps.galaxy.api import (
from galaxy.webapps.galaxy.services.library_folder_contents import LibraryFolderContentsService

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

router = Router(tags=["data libraries folders"])

FolderIdPathParam = Annotated[
    Path(..., title="Folder ID", description="The encoded identifier of the library folder."),

LimitQueryParam: int = Query(default=10, title="Limit", description="Maximum number of contents to return.")

OffsetQueryParam: int = Query(
    description="Return contents from this specified position. For example, if ``limit`` is set to 100 and ``offset`` to 200, contents between position 200-299 will be returned.",

SearchQueryParam: Optional[str] = Query(
    title="Search Text",
    description="Used to filter the contents. Only the folders and files which name contains this text will be returned.",

IncludeDeletedQueryParam: Optional[bool] = Query(
    title="Include Deleted",
    description="Returns also deleted contents. Deleted contents can only be retrieved by Administrators or users with",

SortByQueryParam: LibraryFolderContentsIndexSortByEnum = Query(
    title="Sort By",
    description="Sort results by specified field.",

SortDescQueryParam: Optional[bool] = Query(
    title="Sort Descending",
    description="Sort results in descending order.",

[docs]@router.cbv class FastAPILibraryFoldersContents: service: LibraryFolderContentsService = depends(LibraryFolderContentsService)
[docs] @router.get( "/api/folders/{folder_id}/contents", summary="Returns a list of a folder's contents (files and sub-folders) with additional metadata about the folder.", responses={ 200: { "description": "The contents of the folder that match the query parameters.", "model": LibraryFolderContentsIndexResult, }, }, ) def index( self, folder_id: FolderIdPathParam, trans: ProvidesUserContext = DependsOnTrans, limit: int = LimitQueryParam, offset: int = OffsetQueryParam, search_text: Optional[str] = SearchQueryParam, include_deleted: Optional[bool] = IncludeDeletedQueryParam, order_by: LibraryFolderContentsIndexSortByEnum = SortByQueryParam, sort_desc: Optional[bool] = SortDescQueryParam, ): """Returns a list of a folder's contents (files and sub-folders). Additional metadata for the folder is provided in the response as a separate object containing data for breadcrumb path building, permissions and other folder's details. *Note*: When sorting, folders always have priority (they show-up before any dataset regardless of the sorting). **Security note**: - Accessing a library folder or sub-folder requires only access to the parent library. - Deleted folders can only be accessed by admins or users with `MODIFY` permission. - Datasets may be public, private or restricted (to a group of users). Listing deleted datasets has the same requirements as folders. """ payload = LibraryFolderContentsIndexQueryPayload( limit=limit, offset=offset, search_text=search_text, include_deleted=include_deleted, order_by=order_by, sort_desc=sort_desc, ) return self.service.index(trans, folder_id, payload)
[docs] @router.post( "/api/folders/{folder_id}/contents", name="add_history_datasets_to_library", summary="Creates a new library file from an existing HDA/HDCA.", ) def create( self, folder_id: FolderIdPathParam, trans: ProvidesUserContext = DependsOnTrans, payload: CreateLibraryFilePayload = Body(...), ): return self.service.create(trans, folder_id, payload)