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Source code for galaxy.web.framework.middleware.static

import os
from typing import (

from paste import request
from paste.fileapp import FileApp
from paste.httpheaders import ETAG
from paste.urlparser import StaticURLParser

[docs]class CacheableStaticURLParser(StaticURLParser):
[docs] def __init__(self, directory, cache_seconds=None, directory_per_host=None): StaticURLParser.__init__(self, directory) self.cache_seconds = cache_seconds self.directory_per_host = directory_per_host
def __call__(self, environ, start_response): path_info = environ.get("PATH_INFO", "") script_name = environ.get("SCRIPT_NAME", "") if script_name == "/robots.txt" or script_name == "/favicon.ico": filename = script_name.replace("/", "") elif not path_info: # See if this is a static file hackishly mapped. if os.path.exists(self.directory) and os.path.isfile(self.directory): app = FileApp(self.directory) if self.cache_seconds: app.cache_control(max_age=int(self.cache_seconds)) return app(environ, start_response) return self.add_slash(environ, start_response) elif path_info == "/": # @@: This should obviously be configurable filename = "index.html" else: filename = request.path_info_pop(environ) directory = self.directory host = environ.get("HTTP_HOST") if self.directory_per_host and host: for host_key, host_val in self.directory_per_host.items(): if host_key == host: directory = host_val break full = self.normpath(os.path.join(directory, filename)) if not full.startswith(directory): # Out of bounds return self.not_found(environ, start_response) if not os.path.exists(full): return self.not_found(environ, start_response) if os.path.isdir(full): # @@: Cache? return self.__class__(full)(environ, start_response) if environ.get("PATH_INFO") and environ.get("PATH_INFO") != "/": return self.error_extra_path(environ, start_response) if if_none_match := environ.get("HTTP_IF_NONE_MATCH"): mytime = os.stat(full).st_mtime if str(mytime) == if_none_match: headers: List[Tuple[str, str]] = [] ETAG.update(headers, mytime) start_response("304 Not Modified", headers) return [""] # empty body app = FileApp(full) if self.cache_seconds: app.cache_control(max_age=int(self.cache_seconds)) return app(environ, start_response)
[docs]def make_static(global_conf, document_root, cache_seconds=None): return CacheableStaticURLParser(document_root, cache_seconds)