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Source code for galaxy.util.tool_shed.encoding_util

import binascii
import json

from galaxy.util import (
from galaxy.util.hash_util import hmac_new

encoding_sep = "__esep__"
encoding_sep2 = "__esepii__"

[docs]def tool_shed_decode(value): # Extract and verify hash value = unicodify(value) a, b = value.split(":") value = binascii.unhexlify(b) test = hmac_new(b"ToolShedAndGalaxyMustHaveThisSameKey", value) assert a == test # Restore from string values = None value = unicodify(value) try: values = json.loads(value) except Exception: pass if values is None: values = value return values
[docs]def tool_shed_encode(val): if isinstance(val, dict) or isinstance(val, list): value = json.dumps(val) else: value = val a = hmac_new(b"ToolShedAndGalaxyMustHaveThisSameKey", value) b = unicodify(binascii.hexlify(smart_str(value))) return f"{a}:{b}"