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Source code for galaxy.util.lazy_process

import subprocess
import threading
import time

[docs]class LazyProcess: """Abstraction describing a command line launching a service - probably as needed as functionality is accessed in Galaxy. """
[docs] def __init__(self, command_and_args): self.command_and_args = command_and_args self.thread_lock = threading.Lock() self.allow_process_request = True self.process = None
[docs] def start_process(self): with self.thread_lock: if self.allow_process_request: self.allow_process_request = False t = threading.Thread(target=self.__start) t.daemon = True t.start()
def __start(self): with self.thread_lock: self.process = subprocess.Popen(self.command_and_args, close_fds=True)
[docs] def shutdown(self): with self.thread_lock: self.allow_process_request = False if self.running: assert self.process # tell type checker it can not be None if self.running self.process.terminate() time.sleep(0.01) if self.running: self.process.kill()
@property def running(self): return self.process and not self.process.poll()
[docs]class NoOpLazyProcess: """LazyProcess abstraction meant to describe potentially optional services, in those cases where one is not configured or valid, this class can be used in place of LazyProcess. """
[docs] def start_process(self): return
[docs] def shutdown(self): return
@property def running(self): return False