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Source code for galaxy.util.custom_logging.fluent_log

Provides a `TraceLogger` implementation that logs to a fluentd collector

import json
import threading
import time

    from fluent.sender import FluentSender
except ImportError:
    FluentSender = None

FLUENT_IMPORT_MESSAGE = "The Python fluent package is required to use this feature, please install it"

[docs]class FluentTraceLogger:
[docs] def __init__(self, name, host="localhost", port=24224): assert FluentSender is not None, FLUENT_IMPORT_MESSAGE self.lock = threading.Lock() self.thread_local = threading.local() self.name = name self.sender = FluentSender(self.name, host=host, port=port)
[docs] def context_set(self, key, value): self.lock.acquire() if not hasattr(self.thread_local, "context"): self.thread_local.context = {} self.thread_local.context[key] = value self.lock.release()
[docs] def context_remove(self, key): self.lock.acquire() del self.thread_local.context[key] self.lock.release()
[docs] def log(self, label, event_time=None, **kwargs): self.lock.acquire() if hasattr(self.thread_local, "context"): kwargs.update(self.thread_local.context) self.lock.release() event_time = event_time or time.time() self.sender.emit_with_time(label, int(event_time), json.dumps(kwargs, default=str))