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Source code for galaxy.tool_util.deps.resolvers.resolver_mixins

import os

from . import (
from ..brew_exts import (

[docs]class UsesHomebrewMixin: def _init_homebrew(self, **kwds): cellar_root = kwds.get("cellar", None) if cellar_root is None: cellar_root = os.path.join(DEFAULT_HOMEBREW_ROOT, "Cellar") self.cellar_root = cellar_root def _find_dep_versioned(self, name, version): recipe_path = recipe_cellar_path(self.cellar_root, name, version) if not os.path.exists(recipe_path) or not os.path.isdir(recipe_path): return NullDependency(version=version, name=name) commands = build_env_statements(self.cellar_root, recipe_path, relaxed=True) return HomebrewDependency(commands) def _find_dep_default(self, name, version): installed_versions = self._installed_versions(name) if not installed_versions: return NullDependency(version=version, name=name) # Just grab newest installed version - may make sense some day to find # the linked version instead. default_version = sorted(installed_versions, reverse=True)[0] return self._find_dep_versioned(name, default_version, exact=version is None) def _installed_versions(self, recipe): recipe_base_path = os.path.join(self.cellar_root, recipe) if not os.path.exists(recipe_base_path): return [] names = os.listdir(recipe_base_path) return [n for n in names if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(recipe_base_path, n))]
[docs]class UsesToolDependencyDirMixin: def _init_base_path(self, dependency_manager, **kwds): self.base_path = os.path.abspath(kwds.get("base_path", dependency_manager.default_base_path))
[docs]class UsesInstalledRepositoriesMixin: def _get_installed_dependency(self, name, type, version=None, **kwds): installed_tool_dependencies = kwds.get("installed_tool_dependencies") or [] for installed_tool_dependency in installed_tool_dependencies: if installed_tool_dependency.name == name and installed_tool_dependency.type == type: if not version or installed_tool_dependency.version == version: return installed_tool_dependency return None
[docs]class HomebrewDependency(Dependency):
[docs] def __init__(self, commands, exact=True): self.commands = commands self._exact = exact
@property def exact(self): return self._exact
[docs] def shell_commands(self): raw_commands = self.commands.replace("\n", ";") return raw_commands
def __repr__(self): return f"PlatformBrewDependency[commands={self.commands}]"