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Source code for galaxy.tool_shed.util.metadata_util

from galaxy import util
from galaxy.util.tool_shed.common_util import get_tool_shed_url_from_tool_shed_registry

[docs]def get_updated_changeset_revisions_from_tool_shed(app, tool_shed_url, name, owner, changeset_revision): """ Get all appropriate newer changeset revisions for the repository defined by the received tool_shed_url / name / owner combination. """ tool_shed_url = get_tool_shed_url_from_tool_shed_registry(app, tool_shed_url) if tool_shed_url is None or name is None or owner is None or changeset_revision is None: message = "Unable to get updated changeset revisions from the Tool Shed because one or more of the following " message += f"required parameters is None: tool_shed_url: {tool_shed_url}, name: {name}, owner: {owner}, changeset_revision: {changeset_revision}" raise Exception(message) params = dict(name=name, owner=owner, changeset_revision=changeset_revision) pathspec = ["repository", "updated_changeset_revisions"] text = util.url_get( tool_shed_url, auth=app.tool_shed_registry.url_auth(tool_shed_url), pathspec=pathspec, params=params ) return text