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Source code for galaxy.security.ssh_util

import tempfile
from typing import NamedTuple

from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA

[docs]class SSHKeys(NamedTuple): private_key: bytes public_key: bytes private_key_file: str public_key_file: str
[docs]def generate_ssh_keys() -> SSHKeys: """Returns a named tuple with private and public key and their paths.""" key = RSA.generate(2048) private_key = key.export_key() public_key = key.publickey().export_key(format="OpenSSH") with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(delete=False) as f: f.write(private_key) private_key_file = f.name with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(delete=False) as f: f.write(public_key) public_key_file = f.name return SSHKeys(private_key, public_key, private_key_file, public_key_file)