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Source code for galaxy.schema.types

from datetime import datetime
from typing import Union

from pydantic import ValidationInfo
from pydantic.functional_validators import AfterValidator
from typing_extensions import (

# Relative URLs cannot be validated with AnyUrl, they need a scheme.
# Making them an alias of `str` for now
RelativeUrl = str

# TODO: we may want to add a custom validator for this and for RelativeUrl
AbsoluteOrRelativeUrl = RelativeUrl

LatestLiteral = Literal["latest"]

[docs]def strip_tzinfo(v: datetime, info: ValidationInfo) -> datetime: if v.tzinfo: if offset := v.utcoffset(): return v.replace(tzinfo=None) - offset return v.replace(tzinfo=None) return v
OffsetNaiveDatetime = Annotated[datetime, AfterValidator(strip_tzinfo)] CoercedStringType = Annotated[ Union[str, int, float, bool], AfterValidator(lambda val: val if isinstance(val, str) else str(val)) ]